That it warrants further search to your physical, behavioral, ecological, and socio-cultural mechanisms hidden like sex disparity

Fundamentally, the outcomes regarding the studies don’t let you know significant variations depending towards the metropolitan context, once the reviews of Ny take to which have often a full Colombian attempt or even the attempt limited to this new four main Colombian locations don’t let you know people variations. This means that that nutrition and you can epidemiologic changeover for the Colombia will get have become prevalent lately, similar to the financial development and you can globalization noticed in the nation. Work in other Latin-american nations file high matter of all of the types of food locations inside the towns; not, many drastic change had been observed in non-cities and you may socioeconomically deprived elements , although the proliferation of the latest comfort places you to definitely typically have a whole lot more foodstuff that are energy dense but nutrient bad . An even more in depth analysis ones changes across the Colombia appears rationalized.

When you find yourself Colombians staying in New york experience highest costs regarding being obese opposed to help you Colombians in their house nation, so it investigations as well as unmasked disparities from the sex, which have high distinctions by-place regarding house discover only for men but not for ladies

In addition to being the first examination of the kind, a major power with the report is founded on the point that the fresh binational study originated population-representative examples of Colombia (ENSIN 2015) and you can Nyc (Ny CHS 2013–2017) making it possible for evaluations out of each other giving and receiving regions. For every questionnaire made use of rigorous and you will widely approved complex testing steps, enabling exclusive possible opportunity to confer sufficient strength to have relative data. 2nd, this research reviewed analysis from immigrant Colombians in addition to their compatriots whom don’t immigrate. This process greet a appropriate analysis group getting result, choices, and socio-demographics to evaluate if migration for the You.S. try associated with being obese. 3rd, although not the focus on the papers, we keep in mind that the brand new direction and you will fuel of one’s associations ranging from obesity and socio-group details was exactly like men and women claimed inside the previous degree within the Colombia as well as the U.S., and therefore consult external legitimacy toward findings. Eventually, this study put half dozen probably confounding parameters popular in order to both studies to own chance modifications, together with socio-demographics details and one diet plan-related adjustable.

This study is served by certain faults. First, this research utilized get across-sectional analysis; for this reason, this isn’t you can easily to determine causality. 2nd, unlike the brand new ENSIN dataset, height and you can pounds is self-claimed from the Ny CHS dataset, which might provides put measurement error because of keep in mind and you may personal desirability biases . not, education suggest that notice-claimed Body mass index is generally underreported, but Latino immigrants regarding U.S. was less likely to underreport Body mass index than the low-Latino Whites . Several other maximum is the lack of migration guidance in each other datasets. Such, it was not it is possible to to assess duration of stay-in the latest U.S. having immigrant Colombians remaining in Ny. Likewise, it was not you’ll be able to to assess migration networking sites (i.e., members of the family you to definitely stays in Nyc or abroad) that’ll dictate lives practices of nonimmigrant Colombians. Also, there’ll be recurring or any other unmeasured confounders maybe not seized inside research (e.g., acculturation procedures, other wellness behavior, and medical diagnoses). Eventually, the fresh new conclusions with the studies are specific so you can Ny and could be not generalizable with other Colombian immigrants in the You.S.


Inspite of the constraints, the analysis findings is actually yet another contribution to help you transnational obesity lookup, particularly for a good Latino population on the U.S. that is understudied. This research causes further comprehension of the latest heterogeneity out of obesity and you will related threats to possess Latino immigrants in the You.S. Colombians during the Ny show one of the primary South American communities on You.S., and this research shows that they are experiencing disproportionately large pricing out-of carrying excess fat and this one safeguards among dudes inside the Colombia are not establish after immigration towards You.S. Upcoming scientific studies are had a need to comprehend the event regarding Colombians when you look at the the latest You.S., in addition to acculturation, racial discrimination and you may architectural traps (e.grams., formula one to restriction personal health and healthcare functions). Along, the brand new findings Mulheres finlandГЄs with the studies secure the immediate importance of social fitness search and step firmly concerned about mature ladies in Colombia and both Colombian men and women on the U.S. to help you prevent the fresh a lot of time-label consequences out-of carrying excess fat.

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