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Web page [unnumbered] ~_, _. ;;;. n.~roentgen~roentgen~r -L=- __=_ – r-r- – m- ~ -_ __.~..~i~ II~-~uY~tL-dll ~ I~ An excellent MONOGRAPH For the Relationship And you can Separation and divorce On PHILIPPINES From the F. C. FISHER Of your own PHILIPPINE Club Previous Affiliate Justice Of the Finest Judge Of the PHILIPPINE Islands \ 4 The latest LAWYERS’ CO-Medical Publishing Business MANILA, P. step 1. ROCHESTER, Letter. Y., You.S.A great.

Page 1 FOREWORD It short term monograph isn’t considering as a good dissertation covering the entire realm of the Philippine Laws of Relationship and Separation. It absolutely was created principally once the a problem ones top features of the existing Philippine laws off divorce hence frequently the author to get eventually unfair, out of equilibrium with human nature, and you can effective extremely evils it is intended to avoid. A unique mission was to draw the attention of one’s public to help you the point that decrees away from separation granted from the overseas process of law in order to Philippine people commonly fundamentally legitimate here. The existing feeling appears to be one people splitting up try an effective a beneficial divorce proceedings. One to perception is erroneous and it is wished that the little publication may help to dismiss it. F. C. FISHER. Manila, August six, 1926.


Web page step 3 Relationships And Divorce or separation Regarding the PHILIPPINES The newest Philippine law dedicated to matrimony and you will breakup may easily qualify in terms of around three attacks-new pre-Foreign-language, the Language, in addition to Western. Many of the Foreign language leaders has actually mentioned inside their web log the latest heritage per marriage and you may splitting up which have been in style inside this new Philippines during the time of new Spanish conquest. Legaspi, creating about Philippines concerning seasons 1570, said: « ong these neighbors is a type of pick otherwise change, that guys make; to own it pay’ and provide money in replace for their feminine, depending on the rank of the people. The sum thus repaid is actually divided one of several parents and you may connections of your lady. While the guy who has of several daughters represents rich. Just after relationship, whenever the partner would like to exit his partner, or even age sum of money which he gave having their unique. While doing so the fresh woman normally log off their unique spouse, otherwise independent away from your, by the returning brand new double away from just what the guy offered having their particular. Brand new the male is permitted to features 2 or three spouses, if they have currency adequate to get and you will help all of them. » (Blair and you can Robertson, The newest PhUl. ippine Isles, Vol. step three, p. 61.) The topic of Philippine marriage heritage is surprisingly dwelt on because of the Loarca, in his Relci6n, written in 1582. The guy told you: 8 getting~~~~~~~~

Web page cuatro Relationship ANA Divorce « Relationship of the Chiefs.-Whenever any guy wants to marry, he, as the guy usually asks new lady, contacts particular timaguas (freemen) that recognized from the town * * * in order to discuss the marriage. One among these men takes the students man’s lance off their dad, if in case the guy are at the house of your own girl’s dad the guy thrusts the brand new spear toward staircase of the property; and while the guy keeps the newest lance thus, they invoke the gods and ancestors, requesting these to become propitious to that particular relationship. In the event the marriage happen, the fresh lance is one of the go-between, or it’s redeemed. « Following matrimony are agreed upon-in other words, shortly after repairing the amount of the fresh new dowry that husband pays on spouse * * * each goes to bring the fresh new bride-to-be regarding house off their parents. One of the Indians takes their into their shoulders; and on coming to the base of the stairway toward bridegroom’s household, she influences coyness, and you will states one to she will perhaps not go into. When of several entreaties have ended up inadequate, the daddy-in-legislation arrives and you may promises to provide their particular a slave if the she’s going to go up; She mounts the brand new steps, into the slave; but once she reaches the top brand new stair and you may appears towards the their particular dad-in-law’s family and you can observes people assembled within, she once more pretends to get shy, while the father-in-legislation need to bring their own a different sort of servant. Slowakische MГ¤dchen fГјr die Ehe After she’s joined, the same takes place; and he must provide their particular a treasure to make their own stand off, a different sort of and then make their own start to eat, and one just before she’ll take in. Since the betrothed pair is sipping together, an old man rises plus a loud sound calls most of the so you can quiet, when he wishes to talk. He says: ‘So-and-so marries so-and-therefore however, to the reputation that if the man should owing to dissolute perform are not able to assistance their partner, she’s going to get off your, and you will should not obliged to go back things of the dowry he gave her; and you will she will has actually freedom and you will consent so you can get married an alternate people. And you can, therefore, if the woman betray their particular partner, they can get rid of the dowry that he offered their, get off her, and you will wed an other woman. Be-all people witnesses in my situation compared to that lightweight.’ If old-man have 4

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